DirectInject from Amazone: Directly injected

Amazone’s DirectInject system allows small quantities of crop protection products to be applied quickly, flexibly and at required rates alongside the main spray as and where needed. We learned more about how the system works, and what benefits it can bring.

by Hubert Wilmer

7 Jun 2022

With its new DirectInject package, Amazone set out to create a sprayer system capable of applying an additional product where it is required alongside the primary liquid being sprayed, to suit the circumstances of specific fields and crops. Centred around a high-pressure piston pump from Raven, which can accurately meter quantities from 30ml/min to 1,180ml/min at all spray pressures, the system is now available as an option on the German firm’s UX01 trailed sprayers with ‘Comfort-Pack Plus’ and the ‘DUS Pro’ pressure circulation system.