USED MACHINERY: Househam Spirit, Air-Ride and Merlin self-propelled sprayers cover entry-level through to the intensive user needs. Here we look at some pointers for those considering any of these models as a used buy – but why all three?

A key plus with British made self-propelled sprayers is the chance to have a used buy ‘refreshed’ directly by the people who made it, helping overcome the need to root out the exact specification you need. In the case of Househam, it has a dedicated workshop in which used kit is fettled, with work ranging from a service and basic tidy up through to a full refurb. It is even possible to ‘update’ the controllers of some earlier models to current levels and retrofit the company’s own autosteer and boom levelling systems and more to some sprayers.

There are of course specialist third-party resellers who can rework a used buy to rebuild and enhance its specification. Whatever route you take, to get the best buy you need to be patient, look early and know what you need. Most of all, seeking advice can help refine your search and help you establish just how much to pay. The latter is important. Start a conversation with ‘this is my budget’ and you could miss out. It is better to work out what is needed and work from that.

This is part of the reason why we are looking at the three core Househam models. An entry level Spirit in your budget is a different beast to a well specified Air-Ride, Harrier or earlier Merlin. But your used Spirit buying budget may bag you a higher specification, but older, Air-Ride that is a better fit. Conversely, a light and lower spec Spirit could be a better buy than an Air-Ride for your business.

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