Case IH 1455 XL versus Case IH Puma 150 CVX

The last 1455 XL may have rolled off the Neuss production line all the way back in 1996, yet this classic continues to hold a special place in the hearts of true Case IH aficionados. So what’s changed over the past 21 years? And how does the modern offering compare? To find out we pitted old school six-cylinder 1455 XL grunt against the current, similar-sized Puma 150 CVX

17 May 2018

When it comes to iconic tractors the Case IH 1455 XL must be right up there in the top five. Hailing from a manufacturing era when tractors were mechanically simpler, this classic enjoyed a production run of more than 18 years without many significant changes. But that was then. Another 21 years on, and today’s Case IH offering in the 150hp category is an altogether different tractor animal.........[To read more, see the instructions on this page]