Fendt four-cylinder vs six-cylinder: Different engine, different chassis

The 516 Vario is the most powerful four-cylinder model from Fendt, producing a maximum of 20kW/163hp, while the six-cylinder-only 700 series is represented here by a 718. Let the battle commence ...

by Hubert Wilmer/Mervyn Bailey

5 Jan 2021

According to Fendt, the 716 is exactly the same horsepower as the 516, so comparing these two stepless transmission tractor models would have made perfect sense (refer to 'Technical data...' panel) as the follow-up to the New Holland feature on the preceding pages. But, at the time of the test, Fendt could only supply a 718 to go against the 516, a power difference of about 20hp from what are otherwise nearidentical tractors. Or are they?