Harper Adams tyre trial: Tread softly for more yield

An in-depth study into the impact of traffic and tillage on soil compaction has found agricultural machinery running low pressure Ultraflex tyres could boost farmers’ yields by 4.0%.

by Jane Carley

3 Aug 2021

Harper Adams University has been leading the investigation, utilising one site at its campus in Newport, Shropshire and another site in the USA in conjunction with the University of Illinois as part of a study into the effects of traffic and tillage systems. Further trials took place in Zambia and in Scotland and there is an ongoing study in Cambridgeshire, in order to look at a variety of soil and climate conditions. Paula Misiewicz PhD AMIAgrE, senior lecturer in soil and water management at Harper Adams University, says: “Agricultural vehicles have got heavier and heavier over recent years and the impact that they have on the soil can be severe. The aim of our investigation has been to find ways of alleviating compaction.”