The trailed and folding Väderstad Tempo F six- and eight-row precision planter models were the first of the company’s drill models to use the electrically driven row units. Väderstad subsequently introduced R, T, L and V variants, these high-speed precision drills with adjustable row spacings for a variety of crops. As all models share essentially the same row units, the Tempo F details we cover here will be applicable to other Vaderstad models.

Tempo F drills became available in the UK from early 2012, these six and eight-row planters having the
row units spaced at 750mm. Targeting those sowing maize, the combination of being able to run at speeds
of up to 17km/hr and place fertilizer at the same time has made the trailed Tempo F a sought after used buy.

Taking a sidestep, other Vaderstad models with more row units and a toolbar offering variable spacings of between 450mm and 800mm clearly increase the potential of the fast paced planter and can drill a wider range of crops. A good number of early Tempo F users have since moved to other models such as the increasingly popular and versatile Tempo V.

Regardless of model, the problem a used buyer will face is availability. New F models have sold in good numbers but even a decade on are still a rare used find. If you are after other variants you will have an even harder job to find one, with ex-demo drills typically having had a buyer lined up before the drill left the factory in Sweden. A point to note is that although all Tempo drills share essentially the same row units, a Tempo F cannot be modified to accommodate extra rows.

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