DRIVING IMPRESSION: McCormick has extended its X6 family with the new top-of-the-range P6-Drive, an in-house developed semi-powershift transmission partnered with a 4.5-litre FPT motor. We check out where it sits in the Italian-built line-up.

The X6 adopts the same Italian chic styling as the larger X7 and X8, with the addition of a large panoramic roof helping to enhance the four-cylinder tractor’s front loader suitability credentials.

Dubbed the High Vision Cab, the field of vision is increased by 20cm, giving a less interrupted view for loader operators. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. If you are questioning where does the new X6.400 P6 Drive fit into the McCormick line-up in this hotly contested tractor power segment, the newcomer slips in above the X6.4H and X6.4C. In total, there are three McCormick models to choose from: the X6.413 (max output 100kW/135hp), X6.414 (107kW/146hp) and the X6.415 (114kW/155hp). These power stats also include the 10hp boost for pto and transport work. Maximum torque is reached at 1,400rpm, with the mid-model mustering 610Nm.

Broad bonnet
The exhaust after-treatment system is tucked under the wide red bonnet, making this hood comparatively broad to other brands, where part, or all, of the componentry needed to meet Stage V are located under the exhaust stack.

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