WORKSHOP: We like being organised here at profi, and it seems our readers do, too. Frank Berning has compiled several of your workshop tips … for making it easier to find tools and get jobs done.

This reader converted a trolley with a parking brake into an oil station. There is room on the trolley for two 60-litre barrels — hydraulic/transmission and engine oil. A 12V hydraulic pump from a scrapped pallet truck and a battery are permanently installed. It pumps the oil from the barrels directly into the gearbox or the engine through a hose and a thin filler neck (ideal for small filler plugs). Switching to a different type of oil is very easy: remove the
suction hose from the barrel, pump the remaining oil into the previously connected barrel and attach the suction hose into the other barrel. The pump is operated from a battery cut-off switch. There is also a small storage box for gloves, funnels and other items. For old oil filters there is a drip tray, again made from an old barrel.

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