In our latest video Tractor Test, we look at the John Deere 6R185.

Here are some key points:

  • With the boost, the 6R185 has a maximum output of 243hp.
  • Fuel use, especially during transport is low.
  • List price for our test tractor is ££208,876, the base price is just over £186k.
  • On the DLG dyno 112.2kW/150.5hp of the promised 136kW/185hp rated power arrives at the back end.
  • The 6R185 only comes with the AutoPowr transmission.
  • Buyers can only choose three pto speeds.
  • The rear linkage has a lift force of 4,707daN.
  • The space in the cab, the build quality and noise level of just 69.1dB(A) are all excellent.

Watch the full video here…

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