Kuhn Farm Machinery has upgraded its largest fixed chamber round baler – the FB 3135 – with the introduction of a fully automated version which features automatic chamber opening, closing and unblocking functions. Called Automate, the upgrade consists of three main points: Autogate, Autodeblock and automatic knife cleaning. Autogate provides fully automatic bale chamber tailgate opening and closing, enabling bales to be ejected without the need for any operator input or intervention. Visual and acoustic signals on the baler’s control terminal provide vital information at all stages of the baling and netting process, which says Kuhn, ensures the operator always  has overall control of the machine. Activated whenever the baler’s crop intake is too high, Autodeblock (automatic chamber unblocking) is an overload protection clutch, which automatically retracts the baler’s cutting knives and lowers the Dropfloor system. After the PTO is re-engaged, the baler’s rotor restarts and the crop is guided into the bale chamber. At this point the Dropfloor and knives automatically return to their working position. This process is also illustrated on the machine’s control terminal.  Automatic knife cleaning cleans the baler’s Opticut knives after a pre-defined number of bales, this is designed to keep the knife slots clean and debris free for easier knife removal and replacement. Balers equipped with the Automate system can be operated in a fully automatic or semi-automatic mode. Alternatively, a manual override can be selected. Available on the existing FB 3135, the Automate option costs £2,428.