Following on from the recent news story that appeared in profi, the grass kit built by Slovenian firm SIP made its first appearance at Grassland 2017.  The company builds a full range of mowers, tedders and rakes, and, while the smaller stuff had previously been brought into the UK in limited numbers by Twose, the manufacturer is keen to start shifting some bigger gear under its own steam. To that end SIP had a trailed tedder on display — they’re available in 10-, 12- and 14-star formats — at Stoneleigh, and alongside that there was a two-rotor rake. The firm’s two-rotor rakes span widths from 6.6m up to 11m, and there’s apparently a 15m version in the pipeline.  As for mowers, the company makes its own mower beds and builds any number of different configurations of plain and conditioner models topping out with a 10m triple. However we’re told there’s currently a monster 15m trailed version in development using five beds.