JCB is implementing several safety measures as it starts to ramp back up production at its UK plants.

On Tuesday the British manufacturer announced low levels of production were beginning to resume after many of the manufacturing sites have been closed since mid-March and the majority of the 6,500 staff furloughed since April. In order to get things back up and running a list of safety measures are being implemented.

Employees are being told to self-assess for Covid-19 before leaving home while temperature scans overseen by medical staff will be carried out as workers arrive on site. Thermal imaging cameras are to be installed later this month.

Surgical masks will be issued to office staff and shop floor employees who will also be provided with face shields. Hand sanitiser will be made widely available too. Clearly marked walkways and a reduction in office desks should aid social distancing measures. The staff canteen and vending machines will remain closed while car sharing schemes will be suspended. Hand dryers are being disabled in favour of paper towels.

“Production has resumed at a very low level, mainly to satisfy demand for agricultural machinery,” stated Graeme MacDonald, CEO of JCB. “Ahead of this re-start, an exhaustive review was undertaken to enable us to introduce wide-ranging measures that will best protect our employees. The actions we have taken ensure that safe distancing between employees on-site can be achieved at all times. In circumstances where risks are greater, additional protective visors are being provided. The health and safety of our employees is absolutely paramount as we all adjust to this new normal and the measures we have put in place will ensure we all stay healthy and avoid risks.”