Kuhn Farm Machinery has bolstered its range of high horsepower power harrows with two new foldable machines – the 6m HR 6040 R and 8m HR 8040 R. Primarily aimed at agricultural contractors and large arable farms, and capable of working up to 100ha per day, both machines are fitted with an intelligent monitoring system which relays torque and oil temperature data back to the tractor cab. The company says all components, including central and side gearboxes, casings, rotor drive, transmission units and oil circulation systems, are capable of withstanding the power and torque delivered by 460hp (HR 6040 R) and 500hp (HR 8040 R) tractors. Each of the new machines uses 3.5 rotors per metre of working width, and rotor speed can be adjusted up to a maximum of 500rpm. Working depth and levelling bar indexing can also be adjusted from the tractor cab. HR 6040 R and HR 8040 R prices start from £40,772 and £51,370 respectively. Kuhn has also introduced a new 6m folding power tiller. Suitable for use with tractors up to 400hp, the EL 402 R uses a 550mm diameter rotor and 144 carbide coated blades. Suitable for specialist cropping requirements as well as for open field arable operations, in order to ensure adjacent passes are perfectly level, the EL 402 R is equipped with rollers which are wider than the maximum tilling width. This, says Kuhn, creates a clean finish with no ridges between passes. Equipped with the same intelligent monitoring system as the two new folding power harrows, the EL 402 R-600R costs from £48,950.