What does a 620hp 9620RX and little Gator UTV have in common … other than their Deere badges, of course? Short answer: their tracks. Which are both sourced from Camso. While the big tracked tractor has received plenty of recent media attention, the same cannot be said of the tracked Gator, for which its 2014 receipt of John Deere European approval rather slipped in under the farming press’s radar. Camso’s UK and Irish distributor, Supatracks, is now looking to change that and will be pushing the Gator’s tracked option more heavily in 2016. “The main advantage of putting the Gator on tracks is the reduction in vehicle ground pressure, which can be as low as 1psi,” explains Supatracks’s Chris Hardy. “But there are other benefits such as a 5in increase in ground clearance. This extra clearance and traction enable the Gator to get to places that wheeled Gator users wouldn’t believe are possible.” Supatracks says that it takes one person about two hours to change the Gator’s wheels for tracks, and vice versa, so it expects most users to run on wheels in the summer when ground conditions are more favourable and then switch to tracks when the going gets tougher in winter. Price of the track kit option for the Gator is £3,750.