Following on from the well-publicised 8,500km journey across Australia two years ago, South Africa is the destination for the second edition of Argo Tractors Xtractor expedition, which starts next April.

Seven members from the Italian Carabinieri barracks in Rome will take it in turns to drive the four tractors along a 6,000km route, which will pass through national parks, past gold mines and over the 3,482m African plateau. The model numbers of the expedition tractors have not yet been released, but the four X7 tractors (X7.440, X7.650, X7.670 and X7.680) that recently paraded through the Italian capital to promote the South African adventure provide an indication of what to expect – plenty of power!

What we do know is that the four McCormick tractors will be fitted with tyres supplied by main sponsor BKT, and the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), Africa’s leading health charity, is also participating to raise awareness about malnutrition in the region.