Yokohama-ATG has added 15 new sizes to the Alliance Agriflex+ 372 range of steel belted VF tractor and combine tyres.

Bringing the total to 50, the new sizes are VF900/65R46, VF900/60R42, VF900/50R42, VF800/70R42, VF710/70R42CFO, VF650/60R42, VF710/55R38, VF680/80R38CFO, VF680/75R38CFO, VF500/85R34CFO, VF580/80R34CFO, VF680/85R32CFO, VF710/65R30CFO, VF620/70R30CFO and VF520/85R30CF.

Claimed as the only steel belted VF tyre in the market, main benefits include high traction and load capacity and good soil protection properties. With a D-speed rating, the tyres come with a 10-year warranty.

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