Rousseau reckons the efficiency losses of the electrically driven rotor on its E-Kastor are just 5%, when 40% is more common with a hydraulically-powered system. The result of two years of R+D, the company’s first electric solution uses the tractor PTO (1000rpm) to power a generator, which creates the electricity required for the cutting head’s 33kW electric motor. The company says the technique requires less power and the E-Kastor is designed to work behind an 80hp tractor. Rousseau commercial director Guillaume Daudré said there was a huge amount of interest at SIMA. “Everyone knows this is the right direction for the future and we expect big fuel savings.” Currently, only the cutting head is electrically-powered, and all the rest of the machine is operated hydraulically. However, the company says this is the first step towards a fully electric machine. In the meantime, the current solution will be demonstrated during the next few months, and the first commercial machines are planned for September.