German trailer manufacturer Krampe has developed a system that allows two different bodies be to fitted to the same trailer chassis. The running gear, which comes from the firm’s Roadrunner DA 3, can be fitted with a Wittrock slurry tanker or a two-way tipping body. The filling system on the 26,000-litre tanker has a macerator for heavy material and a pump that fills the tank at a rate of 6 m³/min (can also be ordered without a pump). The 9m-long tipping body is available as a rear or two-way tipper. When fitted with the optional 80cm silage sides, the trailer can carry 47m3 (28t), and is approved for road speeds of 40 or 60 km/hr. Standard spec includes a pneumatic suspension system. The tanker or trailer body is mounted to the chassis via a Twistlock system, and removed using the standard air suspension system. The pump is removed or fitted with the help of a telehandler or tractor loader, and the tank or body is stored on telescoping stands.