Amazone’s solution to faster drilling speed for maize is the new Precea. We caught up with one of the pre-production units last spring to see how it works

Last spring we had the opportunity to not just see Amazone’s new precision drill in the field but also meet the engineering team behind the project and learn how it relates to the ED and EDX machines now and in the future.

“We had the spec sheet sorted out as early as 2014,” explains one of the developers. By then the classic precision drill design ED had already been on the go for 25 years and the EDX with its central metering had served seven seasons. “For us it was clear that we wanted to have just one model that would cater for more farmers than the current machines do. So to find out what our customers wanted we asked them.” On the wish list was:

● Optimal distribution along the rows at ground speeds of up to 15k/hr

● A frame that could cater for different row widths

● Choice of mechanical or electric drive

● Convenient use and operation

● Quick-link coupling system for mounting onto a power harrow or other cultivator

● Seeder units lighter than those used on the ED and up to date details such as automatic adjustment of the singling strippers.

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