Amazone’s new ZA-TS range is the company’s seventh generation of twin-disc fertiliser spreader. Backed by a legacy of time-proven technology, it promises to bring a raft of efficiency-enhancing features

A mazone’s new TS spreaders come in two sizes: the smaller version holds 3,200 litres, while the larger machine boasts a 4,200-litre hopper. We tested the latter.

Buyers can choose between mechanical pto drive and a hydraulic set-up running from the spool valves. Badged ‘Hydro’, the oildriven variant is capable of splitting spread width into eight sections, while the mechanical version is limited to just left- or righthand spreading. Amazone’s claims are bold for the ZA-TS, and, assuming they play out in the field, it will make for a seriously high output outfit.

The spreader is claimed to be capable of working at widths of up to 54m (depending on the type of product being broadcast) and at the staggering travel speed of 30km/hr. To do this the German firm has had to put a lot of effort into its overlap design. The new spreading mechanism is able to meter the material onto the discs at rates of up to 650kg/min whilst weighing hopper contents at a frequency of up to 200 times per second.

The results are reckoned to be work rates of up to 50ha per hour — apparently achieved at the highest level of accuracy, according to the new test equipment at the company’s recently built test hall. Tractor attachment is via Cat III couplers. This size is no surprise when you consider the machine’s 4,500kg payload. The frame certainly looks sturdy enough to back that up.

To avoid affecting the machine’s centre of gravity, the ZA-TS design allows a gap of just 10cm between tractor lower link balls and the hopper, which, to be fair, is no worse than on current models. Attachment is also straightforward, especially as there is no pto shaft to worry about.

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