Amazone ZG-B Ultra Hydro spreader: With the launch of the Ultra Hydro, Amazone pushed its topline trailed spreaders further upmarket. Hydraulic drive takes over from pto power, distancing the newcomer from the firm’s ZG-B Special, Super, Drive and Precis models. Here we take the opportunity to use the biggest-capacity 8,200-litre version

A high-capacity spreader allows you to complete a lot of work in a short time, given a capable system to feed it and the area to justify the investment. Amazone’s ZG-B trailed spreaders set out to be high-capacity machines with hopper volumes of 5,500 litres and 8,200 litres – and, depending on the model, the ability to handle both lime and fert. At the top of the tree are the Precis and the new Ultra Hydro, which are fert-only units.

Using a modified version of the mounted ZA-M’s discs, Precis can spread to 36m, while the Ultra Hydro is capable of reaching out to 52m; but only one, the Hydro, powers its spinners with oil. Riding on a beefy 10t axle and low pressure 520/85R46 tyres, this newcomer is a large bit of kit. Reinforcing the impression is its mighty 905mm underbody clearance, though this is chopped back to a rather less mighty 650mm under the standard mechanical drawbar jack. Despite that, in most cases it’ll be the towing tractor, not the spreader, that sets the outfit’s ground clearance. Main options include a steering drawbar which, as well as improving tracking, minimises crop run-down compared to the standard ring hitch.

Whichever configuration you plump for, hydraulic hoses and electrical cables store away tidily in a support arm above the drawbar; connectors between the Amatron+ controller and the machine have their own bracket. The front end is set off by that sturdy-looking 10t drawbar jack, which provided dependable stability on test, irrespective of whether the spreader was empty, full or being filled. As yet there is no hydraulic stand option; should one materialise, it will save the operator a lot of cranking.

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