DRIVING IMPRESSION: A new pick-up, revised feed channel, increased bale density and faster wrapping speeds are all part of the Fusion 4 hardware updates, although it’s the improved electronics that are equally impressive. Read on to find out more

Often, when there is not a dramatic alteration to the styling of the big panels of a ‘new’ machine, it’s easy to dismiss any changes as just minor tweaks and a lame attempt to get back into the limelight. The Fusion 4, however, is a really good example of how this is not always the case: a completely new electronic architecture, essentially a new pick-up and several other revisions are all aimed at placing less of an onus on the operator and explain why McHale has decided it’s time for the Fusion to pass on the baton to its successor.

Crop journey
So, where better to start, then, than at the pick-up, which has been dubbed Profi Flo? For fans of the five-bar, cam-controlled tines, these are still on the menu, even though the vast majority of Fusion combis now heading down the production line at Ballinrobe are being fitted with the six-bar, camless design. While this part is actually pretty much the same as before, it is wider — two extra tines wider, which increases the width from 1.82m to 1.93m when measuring from outer tine to outer tine.

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