PRACTICAL TEST: Horsch has loads of experience in building seeders, but has that know-how been included in the Versa 3KR, the firm’s first mechanical drill? To find out, we ran one of the 3.0m power harrow drill combinations to establish our customary range of crops.

The overwhelming majority of 3.0m power harrow drill combis bought by British and Irish farmers/contractors, will rely on a pneumatic drill, yet for some strange reason our German colleagues get rather excited about a good old box drill… or perhaps not so ‘old’ in the featured case of the Horsch Versa 3KR, which was launched at the end of 2020.

To find out if our initial high praise from our 4/2021 driving impression was justified, we got our test-team hands on a 20-row, Versa 3KR to establish a range of crops last season. Unfortunately, a slightly later than planned delivery meant that we didn’t get to use the combi for putting in some rapeseed.

A package deal
Horsch only sells this combi as a package with the Kredo power harrow (with all of the whirry bits sourced from Kuhn). This harrow is identical to the unit we worked with as part of the Express 3KR combi in our 9/2021 test, so here’s a bit of a recap:
● All 10 rotors have quick-change tines as standard.
● The Kredo is rated for tractors up to 250hp (1,000rpm) or 190hp (750rpm).
● Working depth is set manually using a stop on either side, which we liked. But we were rather less keen on how you adjust the clod board.
● The combi’s bout markers (£1,980 option) are equipped with check valves, a breakback system with a supply of spare shear bolts. Sheared-off pins should be replaced before raising the bout markers to avoid damage.
● The extended side boards can be folded up for a 3.0m transport width, but they can scratch the hopper when the harrow is raised (this is due to be changed later in the year).

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