DRIVING IMPRESSION: Pöttinger is now equipping its Terrasem cultivator drill with a comfort control system, which leaves almost nothing for the operator to do.

The most striking feature on the latest Terrasem is the hydraulic valve block by the end of the drawbar. Instead of the four double-acting hoses, the
Terrasem drill now only requires one load-sensing supply from the tractor. The second standout feature is less conspicuous — the myriad of sensors that are tucked away in several areas of the machine.

The hydraulic rams that operate the drill’s front clod board, the cultivating discs and the fertiliser coulters all have an integrated potentiometer to keep a beady eye on the respective positions. The coulter bank has an angle sensor that also senses its position. All this data is used to determine the working depth, which is sent to the job processor. The drill’s coulter pressure, too, is monitored electronically, allowing the drill to be easily adjusted using the CCI1200 or other ISObus compatible display.

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