Fendt reckons this latest incarnation of Slicer mower is a better fit with its premium status. That’s quite a claim, so we were keen to see what the straightforward 310F front and 960 triples have to offer.

In the intervening years since AGCO bought the Fella grassland range, the mower lineup has received a number of updates. We dropped some grass with the Fendt Slicer 310F and 960 triples to assess the potential of this non-conditioner combination.

Direct hitching
So, let’s dive straight in. The tractor’s front linkage couples directly to the Cat II headstock on the Slicer 310F. There are a couple of height settings for the lift arms and three for the top link. The mower is supplied ready for having side cameras, or Fendt offers the inexpensive £155 option of fitting mirrors.

The headstock pivots +/- 7.5° transversely to the direction of travel, a coil spring ensuring it always comes back to the centre point. The side guards are folded manually, or for £696 this can be done hydraulically without having to leave the seat.

Rotary drives on both sides
Although the 1,000rpm pto speed setting is recommended, we were able to cut cleanly at a more fuel-efficient 850rpm. Power flows from the central gearbox out to the left where drive enters the bed through the outer disc. From there it goes from disc to disc via spur gears.

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