A complete RTK autosteer system for under £4,000? Some mistake, surely. But this is not 1st April or Black Friday, and it’s not a cobbled-together DIY kit…

Chinese companies have a habit of checking out existing products in mature markets, developing their versions and then undercutting existing players on price. And it looks like that’s what Shenzhen-based FJ Dynamics has done with its autosteer system for tractors and self-propelleds. The company looks to be going places, too — since delivering its first autosteer in 2019, an autonomous tractor and 3D guidance for excavators have arrived.

So, what do you get for the money? Quite a lot:
● An Android-based controller/display unit
● Two RTK GNSS receivers
● A gyroscope
● A steering angle sensor
● A steering wheel with integrated
drive motor.
Currently there’s a single version sold worldwide. The only item that changes is the adapter between the powered steering wheel and machine’s column. So far, those different parts have not been formally certified for road use in Europe, although the process is underway.

In the UK, two companies — Bale Baron (balebaronuk.com) and ERH Services (erhservices.co.uk) — handle the kit. Both will fit it on site, or you can install one yourself. Take the latter route and the maker’s site has downloadable instructions in passable English; there are also internet videos. Which surely adds up to guidance on guidance.

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