On paper, the changes Spearhead has made to its wide-area toppers and Twiga Flex and Pro reach mowers/hedge cutters look to be ‘just’ detail updates. Delve deeper, however, and it is clear user feedback is behind changes that should help boost productivity and product longevity.

First out of the block update wise are the premium Stubble Master series. The company has now dropped the Stubble Master 500, 730 and 930 and replaced them with completely re-engineered models. These comprise the 530, 750 and 930. The model number indicates the overall width, the 530 spanning 5.30m, the 730 7.30m and the 930 9.30m. These models are finished in Spearhead green.

The existing Multicut 460 and 620 are now replaced by the Multicut 480 and 650, with the model numbers again relating to respective overall widths of 4.80m and 6.50m. These models are finished in a dark grey and are available in Ecoline and Proline versions denoting spec.

The Stubble Master is also completely revamped, with a number of key changes when compared to the outgoing range. Working back, the drawbar has been redesigned and is now stronger, the pivot pins are larger and sealed, and all major hoses are now routed on a surface mounted ‘bridge’. The Alamo made rotor gearboxes are each rated at 225hp and carry a seven-year warranty. All the tyres fitted are now radials, with new front guide wheels linked to the rear to improve contour following.

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