DRIVING IMPRESSION: GreenTec has extended its hedgecutter range with the Spider. Based on the Scorpion, the new model can be operated on the left and right side of the tractor.

It is less than 12 months since we looked at the GreenTec Scorpion, the Danish firm’s forward-reach hedgecutter that allows the flail to work at eye level alongside the cab. Now the company has added a new range, the Spider, which boasts a slewing boom that allows the arm to work on the left- and right hand side of the tractor and still position the head alongside the cab. Clever stuff.

Scorpion arm
The hedgecutter arm is borrowed from the Scorpion range, but, in order for it to swing forward next to the cab, the Spider needed more than a simple central pivot to enable it to swing to the left and right. This swivel point is higher up, almost in line with the tractor linkage’s cross shaft so that the arm can work diagonally at the front next to the cab. To make this possible, the headstock has been revised but still utilises the four point mounting system for the tractor rather than a more bespoke sub-frame.

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