Not quite a phoenix rising from the flames, but pretty close to it, the Hubert plough has grabbed back a rare British breed from the brink of extinction. Using many Dowdeswell parts and more than just a similar shade of green paint, with various tweaks the Agri-Hire-built plough looks set to hold its own

Suffolk-firm Agri-Hire is probably best known for its rear discharge muck spreaders. But the company has been keeping a secret. It’s also been the UK’s biggest outlet for Dowdeswell ploughs and parts for over a decade.

So when the Warwickshire-based manufacturer decided to close its doors in 2015, Agri-Hire’s Tim Hubert was staring at a big void in his business. Wanting to stick with British-built kit where possible but without any alternative options from home shores, he decided he would start to build his own five- to ten-furrow range.