REPORT: Ballasting is an art and a science, and Belvoir Farming Company has specified a front weight which does more than just help its new Fendt Vario 1050 get power down.

With more wheeled tractor options above 400hp on the market these days, tyres vs tracks presents an interesting dilemma for larger farming operations. Belvoir Farming Company swapped its Quadtrac for a Fendt Vario 1050 this year to take on main line cultivation and drilling duties and for farm manager Keith Challen, getting the right operating weight for both roles was key to matching the performance and benefits of a tracklayer.

“The Fendt has a central tyre inflation system built-in, so the first task was to get the right tyres to work with it. I swapped the Trelleborgs that it was supplied with for Michelin Variflex, 900/65 R46 on the back and 710/60 R38 on the front and consulted Michelin to ascertain the correct weight for both jobs.”

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