TRACTOR TEST: Valtra Q285: Question time. Slotting between the T (155hp to 235hp) and S series (280hp to 420hp), Valtra now has the Q tractors. We had an initial look at them in profi 10/2022 to find out where they fit in, but now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and see what one is actually like to live with — time, then to answer some Q series questions.

Nearly two years ago Finnish firm Valtra introduced a completely new line, the five-model 230 to 305hp Q series, and there has been uptake … particularly with the bigger models, the Q285 and Q305. Take away the Q’s cab and bodywork, and you’ll see it shares the same AGCO platform as the Massey 8S (refer to profi 10/2023 for the 8S.305 test). This is a competitive part of the market with high expectations from owners, who, given the available horsepower, tend to be larger farms/contractors with varied workloads.

With boost up to 305hp

Our test tractor is the 210kW/285hp Q285, one down from the top Q305. All Qs share the same six-pot, 7.4-litre AgcoPower motor. Thanks to SCR and DOC, it not only meets Stage V exhaust emission, but it also delivers an extra 14kW/20hp boost during pto and/ or hydraulic demanding work and on road when travelling at speeds of 15km/hr or more. So far, so good.

First question: how much of the claimed engine power actually emerges at the rear pto or hits the ground through the wheels? As usual, the first stopover for our Q285 is the DLG test centre.

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