While traditional slurry umbilical systems in the UK and Ireland use 4” (100mm) and 5” (125mm) pipelines, slurry equipment specialist SlurryKat reckons there is a demand from larger contractors and farmers to move to bigger, more efficient systems. The company says the same is true in anaerobic digester plants where large volumes of digestate need to be moved quickly. SlurryKat is looking to meet both requirements with a new higher output centrifugal pump. Called the Doda AFI HD45, and available from September, in optimal conditions it offers flow rates of 600cu.m. per hour. Developed in 2010, the pump has been thoroughly with umbilical systems using 6” (150mm) and 8” (200mm) flexible pipelines – commonly used in USA, Canada, Russia and Estonia. Available as a tractor PTO model or direct drive for coupling with an engine, the pump houses a three blade chopping system for handling heavy fibrous material, and incorporates a Wida tungsten mechanical seal to protect the oil filled driveline system. Manufactured with a heavy duty impellor and body housing, the new pump can be supplied with either an 8” (200mm) or 10” (250mm) suction line. The material is spread via a 320 degrees swivel outlet which eases the delivery process.  Priming of the pump is carried out with a hydraulic vacuum primer or with an optional submersible pump which can be placed up to a depth of 6m.