DRIVING IMPRESSION: SpreadPoint MK1200 manure spreader: Another point. The MK1200 is the middle model in SpreadPoint’s professional user series. Options extend to items such as weigh cells and variable rate on a 9-15t spreader range that uses a lot of Hardox to minimise weight. We grab the chance for a closer look.

So, why would a maker of belt spreaders want to enter the highly competitive world of rear discharge muckspreaders? SpreadPoint’s Richard Kane reckons there is a lot of similarities, particularly on the technology side, with rate control with a moving floor and weigh cells. There’s also the fact that, although the muckspreader sector is already well served, it is a lot less niche than belt spreaders, which have been the firm’s bread and butter since it started in 2019. With an eye to future growth, SpreadPoint has introduced a 6t and 8t range for farmers tackling their own workload, and the 9t, 12t and 15t line-up aimed at the more intensive user, as it has a much higher spec as standard. For instance, the tapered body is fabricatedfrom Hardox instead of mild-steel; it has auto rather than manual chain tensioning; and it’s pre-equipped for variable rate control and weigh cells. The galvanised Hardox slurry door is standard on both machines … along with other details we will get too shortly.

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